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Audio Format Changes for

Study: Rain-Wind

There are various popular audio formats including WAV, MIDI, MP3, RA, MP4 and so on. How do we achieve the conversion between various audio formats then? If you look at the relationship between each of the audio, you will find that the most common is the WAV file, so our goal is to achieve a variety of formats and convert between WAV format, and then bridge to achieve this with WAV format between conversions. In order to achieve the purpose of this change, according to different formats have different tools. First, we talk about a few "universal" tool.

First thing to say is the easiest way - WinAmp. Almost everyone installed WinAmp, then I tell you, as long as WinAmp to play the audio format, you can through its "Output Plugin" in the "Disk Writer Plugin" output as WAV files.

Another purpose of conversion can be achieved is to use audio editing software, such as software like CoolEdit, generally support the software to read a variety of audio formats. Such as CoolEdit can support the SAM, WAV, IFF, SVX, AIF, SND, VOX, DWD, AU, SND, VCE, SMP, VOC, VBA and other formats.

Let us have another look, with a new hero out of the "music studio" how it's format. Right click the "Start 鈫?Super Hero Music Studio 鈫?music format converter."

1, open on the left "tree-file list" within the audio file directory. The right side of the "source" area shows all the audio file name.

2, the left mouse button double-click the "Source" area first. Dat files to be converted to area (below);

3, the left mouse button click menu "Settings 鈫?Save as MP3" (or click the shortcut key "MP3 Settings");

4, the left mouse button click the [conversion] shortcut key to start the conversion. Soon, a new MP3 file will be created. The beta version of this software is now available to download at the Hero site.

Apart from the above format conversion tool for several common outside the specific file format, have different conversion tools. Moreover, for different format, some or even many types of software. Of course, here, I can only common format for the explanation.


Common conversion tools are: Gama, wavmid32, Digital Ear, AKoff Music Composer, MIDI Recognition System, etc., we are here only to introduce AKoff Music Composer. It is a small music conversion processing software. Set MIDI playback and track view, WAV 鈫?MIDI conversion software-in-one mini. With it, you can easily access from the microphone, line input or audio CD and other sources of audio data for analysis to identify and change, without any external DLL (dynamic link library) file.


Common conversion tools: n-Track Studio, WAVmaker, AmazingMIDI, Wingroove, Yamaha s-YXG so. Familiar with the soft waves of the friends may have seen the table, these are common soft wave table instruments. We are here to introduce you to Yamaha s-YXG ( YAMAHA MIDI software company published a new audio device, in addition to sound like a pretty interface, the sampling frequency of support to 44KHz, built-in 676 kinds of sounds, 21 drum, and can also display 128 voices. This version provides a total of two mass spectrometers options could increase with the lower tone, but also to provide loop, the sound field and instrument selection. The installation will be permanent in the System Tray, the player can immediately start to accept or to select a source driver, the version in English version, can try for 90 days.


Common conversion tools: L3enc, MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec, RightClick-MP3, mp3creator, MPlifier. But we often use these tools, the original CD into the MP3 of the process, we are all first CD into a WAV, then re-use of these tools will convert WAV MP3. In these tools, I recommend you MP3 Creator. It not only can be converted into WAV MP3, and CD can be singled out in the tracks and encoded as MP3.


We mentioned earlier WAV in Windows applications is very extensive, but these WAV files are really easy to find! Happens, there is a more suitable MP3, this time need a MP3 WAV conversion tool. These tools are mainly: MP32WAV Professional, Mp3towav, RightClick-MP3, DART CD-Recorder, mp3decoder so, here I introduce you to Mp3toWav ( This is a WAV to MP3 converting tool. Main features are as follows: 1. Support of the truncated transformation. MP3 means you can convert any of the short WAV, of course, support the whole song conversion. 2. Quickly and efficiently. The original song only 1 / 10 less than the time to complete, the bottleneck might be your hard drive. 3. Support the right mouse button operation. You only have to right click on the MP3 file, select "Convert to WAV" to complete the work. 4. Can convert MP3 files to the specified folder. 5.Super Cool interface, exceptions luxury. 6. To allow all users to their MP3 site links to programs and subsequently spread.


Often have friends ask me, can you burn your WAV file CD's. Now you only need to have AudioWriter or DART CD-Recorder Plus they would not be a problem. Here I introduce you to AudioWriter. AudioWriter is both the conversion format, capture audio tracks, sound effects editing in one comprehensive music editing software, of course, also aims to allow you to create your own personalized CD. You can be any of a CD in any song or any WAV, MP3 files carved CD music. AudioWriter itself is also a music player, now supports the format a lot. In addition to these powerful features, AudioWriter can also help you edit all the sound files CD-Text, to facilitate the work you do order the album.

Mentioned earlier, these are all common music conversion, of course, in everyday life, you will encounter, such as CD 鈫?WAV (conversion tools: CDcopy, AudioGrabber, WinDAC32, Digital Audio Copy, MusicMatch Jukebox, etc.), WAV 鈫?RM , Ram (conversion tools: Real Producer G2), RA 鈫?WAV (conversion tools: Ra2Wav, Streambox Ripper), WAV 鈫?VQF (conversion tools: Yamaha soundVQ Encoder, Audiograbber, etc.), RAW 鈫?WAV (conversion tools: RAWtoWAV, etc.) MP3 鈫?CD (conversion tools: MP3CD Maker, CDCOPY, MP32WAV Professional, AudioWriter, Siren Jukebox, etc.), CD 鈫?MP3 (conversion tools: MusicMatch Jukebox, cdtomp, Cdex, Ultimate Encoder, AudioCatalyst, etc.) ... ... a lot of format conversion, the you might face more problems, in addition to recourse to other books, I hope you can flexibly use Internet, it definitely is an information ocean.


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